Radio’s Future : Let the Listeners Decide – Not Politicians Nor Engineers

Here’s a worthwhile article from entitled “A lesson in radio’s future from 1941” about how governments of different countries of the world are variously cajoling, encouraging or even forcing radio listeners to move away from AM and FM receivers over to DAB, DAB+ and other ways to listen.

But if the listener doesn’t find the new product desirable or better adapted to their needs, no amount of “encouragement” from above will succeed…


How To Get DRM Started In UK

Here is a clip from the July 2016 DRM Newsletter concerning Data Broadcasting to Ships via Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM).

Germany is the leader using DRM for transmitting data etc. to shipping. My argument always was that the Beeb (or others) should use the low frequency LF transmitter (Tx) at Droitwich to transmit programming to shipping using DRM.

Use a new Tx and part of the aerial farm currently serving BBC Radio 4 LF 198 kHz.. The existing Radio Four service on 198 is rapidly becoming dead as far as receivers capable of picking it up is concerned and the current TX are getting to the end of life. This would be a good way of getting DRM started in the UK.

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