End Of UK LW Broadcasting In Sight?

Interesting to see how Russian state-run Radio Rossii suddenly chopped all its longwave services a few days ago.

Looks like it’s going away… analog AM on the LF frequencies will soon be dead. How long is it since you saw a radio receiver with long wave?

Politically it’s interesting to see the way in which Russia works. One day LW is there and the next day it’s gone… no warning to listeners (or anyone else for that matter), no consultation… that’s what virtual dictator rule is like.

Looking forward a few years, what will happen to those LF frequencies? Do you remember the US Defense Dept built an immense and very expensive station in Alaska using LF frequencies to communicate with submarines around the world. It was the only way they found to communicate over vast distances and underwater. Think it was called LORAN and it got the nickname “the woodpecker” by the interference it caused. Now it seems to have quietly died.

Will anyone have a use for these low frequencies? Don’t forget that DRM can be encoded and used even down to LF frequencies. Perhaps, just perhaps, in years, there’ll be public digital broadasts on LF digital.

New multi-platform chipsets are now comming to market. These multi-system decoder chips are a great advance – if they perform well across such a wide standards. Interesting that all emphasis currently seems to aim at the car market. When will the table top receiver market pick it up?

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