UK Radio Fun & Anomalies Before 14th August 1967 …

Did you know that the Marine Broadcasting (Offences) Act which came into effect in Britain on 14th August 1967 did NOT in fact outlaw the offshore radio stations themselves?
The legal status of stations like Radio Caroline, Radio London, 390, 270, Scotland, and others did not change on that date.

Instead the new law criminalised UK citizens and companies, forbidding them to supply, advertise or work for these radio stations.

Incredible but true, in the 1960s and earlier, according to the UK’s 1949 Wireless Telegraphy Act, it was illegal for anybody in Britain to listen to Radio Caroline or any of the other unlicensed offshore “pirate” stations!

The absurdity of prosecuting millions of UK radio listeners for listening to music was not lost on the stations themselves and many will remember promotions they broadcast, such as this one in which a magistrate is sentencing a listener to have to listen to the BBC Light Programme for the rest of their life!

Radio Nordsee International – RNI – Zurich Office Pictures

RNI was owned by Swiss businessmen, Edwin Bollier and Erwin Meister and broadcast from m/v Mebo 2 in international waters off the coasts of Holland and Britain from early 1970 until August 1974 when Dutch legislation against offshore radio stations came into force.
The m/v Mebo 2 was then sold to the Libyan government, renamed “El Fatah” and sailed to the Mediterranean where it arrived in about February 1977. From there it broadcast as “Radio Joumhourya” in Arabic and English until about 1980. It was subsequently used as target practice by the Libyan Navy and was sunk.

In the 1970’s RNI’s headquarters were located in Zurich at Albisriederstrasse 315, on the first floor of an office building which also housed a branch of the Zurich Cantonal Bank. The pictures below, all taken between 1970 and 1973, include RNI’s secretary Eva Pfister and her assistant Sylvia…

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RNI’s studios in Holland pictures.
RNI Scheveningen pictures.
RNI Scheveningen harbour pictures.
RNI Mebo II pictures.
RNI’s Zurich headquarters pictures.
Radio Nordsee International RNI recordings.
Radio Nordsee International RNI Stickers.
Radio Veronica Pictures.
REM Island 1972 Pictures.




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