Revealed : Offshore Pirate Radio Nordsee Int (RNI) Applied To Join UN Communications Agency

Recently discovered documents reveal that, in 1972, offshore Radio Nordsee International (RNI) owner, Edwin Bollier, applied for membership of both the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

The EBU, established in 1950, is an alliance of over 100 public service media organisations, maybe best known for producing the Eurovision Song Contest and the ITU, formed in 1865, is responsible for information and communication technologies as an agency of the United Nations.

In RNI’s letter to the EBU and letter to the ITU of April 1972 Edwin Bollier said RNI is a “considerable ingredient in the world of broadcasting” and claimed 4-1/2 million listeners in Benelux alone and a further 3-1/2 million listeners elsewhere in Europe.

Unfortunately we don’t know what replies (if any) RNI received.

Radio Veronica Souvenirs : 1970-1973

I made several visits to the m/v Nordeney, Radio Veronica’s transmitter ship during my visits to Holland in the early 1970’s. The visits always started and ended at Scheveningen harbour. The pictures shown below on various dates including one trip made on 29th July 1972, organised by J. Verbaan, FRO-FRC-Holland, whose postcard is included below.

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Radio Veronica Studios pictures.
Radio Veronica recordings.
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Radio Nordsee International – RNI Pictures.


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