First Indian Made DRM Receiver Boasts 40 Presets

Take a look at this “Radio World” article with details of the first Indian made and designed DRM radio receiver.

The Avion AV-DR-1401, made by Communications Systems Inc., offers DRM reception in shortwave and medium-wave bands, plus analog AM and FM reception. Maybe the case design looks a bit prototype but is likely to evolve over time.

The All India Radio specification, which it was built to comply with, calls for 40 (yes forty!) programmable station presets. I always used to say to Roberts Radio that it would be nice if they could include more presets on their radio receivers. Maybe this new competitor radio will make them sit up?

Will Roberts Radio Use SAF360x Chipset?

I find that net radios have opened up a new world – so much wonderful choice around the world. In fact 98% of my listening is now done online. That includes domestic BBC where the quality is so much better than DAB, which is a disapointment for quality.

I asked Roberts Radio whether they would consider incorporating NXP’s new SAF360x multi-platform chipset including DRM in a new table-top receiver but have received a non-commital reply.

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