Radio Nordsee International – RNI – Scheveningen

Except for the period from March to July 1970, Radio Nordsee’s broadcasting ship was located in international waters off the Dutch coast near the seaside town of Scheveningen.

Here are some photos of Scheveningen including the Grand Hotel, where RNI’s directors usually stayed. Here are also pics of Scheveningen pier with its “Belle Amie” disco, often the haunt of pirate radio DJ’s when not working on board… you’ll see here Tony Allan and singers Ferdi & Rob Bolland & Bolland. Also on the pier was “Club Veronica” live shows – here with Canned Heat…

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RNI Scheveningen harbour pictures.
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RNI’s studios in Holland pictures.
RNI Scheveningen pictures.
Radio Nordsee International RNI recordings.
Radio Nordsee International RNI Stickers.

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